Where to Watch Movies Online

Have you been blocked by an ISP?

Then check out these reverse proxies below:

You can get a full list of proxies by visiting torrentproxies.com. Please note you may not be anonymous if you use a standard proxy, VPN or Browser, please do your research.

Other ways you can access censored material:

1, Indie Movies Online (Closed)

Indie Movies Online helps to support independent film makers reach a wider audience and monetise their content, something that we could see more of in the near future, so kudos to the owners of this great site for such a fantastic job! So sign up for a free account and view free movies now!

2, Crackle (Closing Down UK)

Crackle is a free TV and movie service that has been running since 1998. Here you can find a small selection of movies to view for free as well as episodes for all your favourite TV shows. Crackle is completely free and has a good selection of independent and mainstream movies.

3, Youtube Movies

Youtube have many movies on offer for a one time fee that lasts for 48 hours and also some free movies to see without any payment. You can watch movies in HD quality, leave reviews and comment on the videos. There are many categories and the selection is growing everyday.

4, Hulu

This is one of the biggest and most famous free TV and movie sites however, it is only available to USA residents. Here you can view all your favourite TV shows along with a small selection of movies for free with add supported video players.

5, NowTv

NowTv is a brand new service from Sky that claims to have the best selection of movies available to  online for a small monthly fee. Still in it's infancy the site has still along way to go but already boast a better selection of movies than most of the mainstream movie sites.

6, LoveFilm (Now Amazon Prime Instant)

LoveFilm is an amazon owned online video rental service. You can still order through the traditional snail mail to get your movies and also observe a small selection of movies instantly through your PC. Lovefilm is not a free service and requires payment after a free 30 day trial

7, Viewster

A company that started on Youtube in 2010 with a popular channel has since become more mainstream offering free ad supported movies or movies with no ads and a small fee all in high quality. It's free to sign up with Viewster and you can comment and rate content.

8, Netflix

Probably the biggest and most well known TV and movie websites Netflix, offers a decent selection of movies and TV shows however there is a small monthly charge to cover their licensing fees after a 30 day free trial. Netflix can be viewed on your PC or mobile.

9, Blinkbox

Blinkbox is a new service from Tesco that airs popular TV shows and movies online however there is a small monthly fee. Many of the movies are quite old but that doesn't mean they aren't good with many top blockbuster hits available there will surely be something of interest here!

10, 1Channel (Now Primewire)

1Channel AKA letmewatchthis.ch is a website a lot like the new watchfreemovies.ch with the same theme and amount of movies to watch. You can register for a free account and chat on the forums and also submit your content which, users can comment on and rate.

11, Project Free TV

Project Free Tv is one of the oldest and largest movie streaming websites online. The original domain free-tv-video-online.me was blocked in Google and by ISP's so if you are in the UK and some parts of the EU, you might not be able to access this website unless you us a proxy service (above) or a VPN.

12, Tubeplus

Possibly the largest movie streaming website online with over 6 million web pages and hundreds and thousands of users. Here you have the benefit of access material direct from the website in the form of embedded videos with additional sources if the ones you choose fail.

13, WatchFreeMovies

WatchFreeMovies.ch previously known as LetMeWatchThis.com (although) many say this domain was hacked and redirected to the current website. WatchFreeMovies offers user submitted videos ranging from full movies to TV shows and manga films. There is a huge selection of movies to and also a forum that is described as some to be a little intimidating.

14, Movie25

Another old school movie website that has been around for the last few years shows full feature length movies for free without payment or subscription. You can get an eyeball of the latest releases and well as some not well known movies that are highly rated.

15, ZMovie

Zmovie another site that has been around for a while is similar to 1Channel and Let Me Watch This has a good selections of movies and new releases to download for free. You can register an account and leave your reviews and rate the movies that you watch.

16 MoviesCo (Previously Movies-Direct/Closed)

Movies-Direct is another free movies site that has a large community and a huge selection of movies to discover. You can join their community by registering for an account and leave reviews on the movies you watch and also submit requests.

17, Movie4K (Previously known as Movie2K) (

Yet another large and very popular website that specialises in movies, TV shows and videos that are categorised for easy viewing. There is a huge selection of programs, along with quality ratings, IMDB ratings with reviews and a forum.

18, Alluc

Alluc was first founded in 2006 and was know as quite a slow site with a limited selection of films however, they have seemed to change server and picked up the pace a little. Alluc has a vibrant community with a forum that is free to join with no subscription costs.